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Humble Beginnings

Lead Staff

Greg Garrett
Co-Founder/Beer Whisperer

Crystal Garrett
Chief of Numbers

KeriAnna Ferguson
Brewers Assistant/Beertender


Picture the scene, it’s Christmas, the year is 2012. The newly minted husband gets a beer brewing kit from his new sister-in-law and brother-in-law. Fast forward to 2018 and we’re making a home in the space formerly known as the Rongovian Embassy. Did we leave anything out?

Alright, we’ll get a little more in depth. That space between 2012 and now has been full of trial & error, research & development, awesome beers & dumpable beers (bad enough that they got sent down the drain), multiple business plans & models drafted, more beer and really just a time when one guy realized what he wanted to be when he grew up. Just ask his wife. For quite some time now the comment, “Start your damn brewery!” has been echoing through the house. Mostly when she’s climbing over bags of grain in the closet, or when working in the laundry room and plethora of hoses come toppling over. We won’t mention the science gadgets that take over the kitchen counter! Yeast, am I right?

I digress. This dream has been turning into a reality. Our mission is to make and serve craft beer that has soul. We searched for quite a few years to find the perfect location, a place that would allow us to show off our social side, and a location that would act as the living room to serve up our beers and talk about them, not as business to patron, but as friend to friend. We really can’t wait to see you in the brewery!


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